Thursday, March 27, 2014

ISO Guest Posts

We want to expand our site and include more personal stories of #postac life that focus on how people found work and what it's like to work in different kinds of #postac or #altac places. Also interested in your "just for now" job experiences.

Keep it personal and not preachy, pretty much anything welcome. Brief is fine; no dissertation required.

It's fine if you need to remain anonymous.

We are happy to link to your website, business, or twitter account.

We do not pay. This is gratis, because our site is peer-to-peer. (Maybe someday when we start raking in the big bucks we can offer compensation; for now, our income from the book covers basic site maintenance.)

Message us on Twitter:

@mamanervosa (Lauren)

@leavingacademia (JC)

@projectreinvention2012 (Kathleen)


Or just use good old fashioned email:

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